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Benjamin Melançon

Ben lives and works to connect people, ideas, and resources so more awesome things happen.


Answers to a range of questions about Drutopia.

Drutopia as SAAS (software as a service)

A hosted version of Drutopia means all you need to focus on is your content.

Custom distributions

Drutopia can be used as the basis for a customized distribution for a collection of related sites, such as chapters of an organization.

DIY Drutopia

If you're tech savvy you can also DIY Drutopia.

About Drutopia

Drutopia is a flexible and extensible Drupal distribution that can be used as the basis for building a single website for your group or a customized platform for your network or organization.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell your data. We will never sell or give away any user information to any other groups or individuals.


Nedjo Rogers

Nedjo has helped numerous large and small non-profits harness Drupal to serve their missions.


Rosemary Mann

Rosemary Mann brings to Chocolate Lily twenty years of experience working in the nonprofit sector as executive director, board member, and community volunteer.  It is through this lens of collaboration, group process and engagement that Rosemary approaches this role of managing the interplay between web technologies and progressive action for social change.