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Drutopia as SAAS (software as a service)

Drutopia is available as SAAS (software as a service) which allows you to concentrate on your content while the tech specialist ensure the backend is up-to-date.

Groups sign up to use the hosted version which is available for US$50 per month (US$500 per year). This gives you your site as well as updates to stay current and get the latest features as they are developed.

The hosting platform managed by Agaric Tech Collective and will become a separate co-operative.  As with the Drutopia software itself, groups using the hosting platform have a voice (and will have a vote) in the running of the platform and in determining what priorities are for new features and functionality.

The Drutopia platform includes:

  • Your live Drutopia-based website
  • A test site where you can try out features, configuration changes, and theme (design) modifications without affecting the live site.

We expect people and organizations on the Drutopia platform to accept Drutopia's points of unity.


The whole site is yours and everything is open sourced.  More precisely, on the platform configuration will stay in a private repository, content of course remains in a private database, and all code is publicly hosted.  So everything you can do without us is private.

Features we add, just like modules that we include (such as Webform), will be available to everyone on the platform.

If you do have people willing to give a realistic test while still expecting everything get thrown away, that can of course help to get things set up correctly from the start, that might otherwise be hard to change.

Members of the platform have full control of their sites, as far as community management.  Therefore, we do not have a platform-wide acceptable use policy, terms of service, or community guidelines— although egregious violation of our values, as defined in our points of unity, could if unresolved result in a site-holding member being removed from the platform.