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The Find It Program Locator

August 17, 2021

The Find It Platform—built by Agaric and funded by the City of Cambridge, MA—helps to connect people to all of the opportunities and services that are available to them. It is also a distribution of Drutopia.

Drutopia, itself, is a a response to the high cost of building and maintaining a Drupal website, and aims to cut that cost by leveraging shared configuration between a set of Drutopia instances.

Now, imagine if every town and city had a high quality and collaboratively coordinated index of services and opportunities like Cambridge does, and that the cost of maintaining those websites was significantly lower than the cost of maintaining your average Drupal site. Cities with a far lower budget than Cambridge would have access to the product of the vast amount of research and development that went into Find It Cambridge.

Well, this is a call to make this a reality. Because of Drutopia's shared-configuration approach, as more groups adopt the platform, the less it will cost per group. This can be leveraged to make the Find It practice a more powerful, flexible, and affordable public service to towns everywhere.

The Find It Platform is one of a few opportunities for governments across the world to collaborate on building a a Free (Libre) and open source platform that serves the public by bridging the information gap between people and their communities. Of course, Find It can serve a greater variety of communities and use-cases than just town governments.