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November Update: Focusing on the Platform

December 19, 2018
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In our last update we announced a strategic shift for the project, focusing our efforts on one aspect of the project each month. The end goal is that after six months Drutopia will be ready to open up membership and have a plan for providing websites to grassroots groups at scale. In the meantime, we'd love to know the needs of groups you're in or that you support. Contact us (, and we'll set up a time to talk!

Clayton giving a demo of Drutopia.
Clayton gave a demo of Drutopia at the Nonprofit Development Summit.

For November we focused on the platform. We reached out to the cooperative movement to gain skills and make connections to help us along the way. Clayton attended the Shared Ownership Summit in Boulder, Colorado and a Cooperative Legal Clinic in Denver. Rosemary attended a three-day co-op development workshop in Vancouver, hosted by the BC Cooperative Association and Vancity (Canada's largest community credit union). Both walked away excited about the growing movement, while also realizing that the topics of financial models and membership structures raised more questions than answers.

The same held true when we drafted a membership guide and brainstormed a marketing plan. These are questions needing more than a month to fully answer. So, our plan has shifted some, carrying forward most of our November goals into December.

Meanwhile, we continue to gather feedback from potential members to inform our decisions. Clayton gave a demo of Drutopia at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit and has been interviewing groups to learn what online challenges Drutopia can help address (and what financial models might work for them). Ben has been conducting interviews as well. If this critical work of learning more about the work and dreams of the groups we will serve is exciting to you, drop us a line ( We'll be sharing our research in the coming months in hopes that other community-driven tech projects can benefit from our findings.

We surfaced more questions than answers in November, but our work so far in December is bringing that vision into focus. Hopefully our update in the new year will have the answers we're so eager to share with you all.

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