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New site, Drutopia Base Alpha 5 released, DrupalCon and more

April 11, 2018
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Wow, a lot has happened since our last update: two alpha releases, major work in the Drupal contributed module space, new developers joined the fray, a Drutopia-based site helping green politics in Germany and activity at DrupalCon. using Drutopia

We revamped our website and are now up to some serious dogfooding. is now using the Drutopia Base distribution, serving to better communicate about the project while showcasing some of the features we're building. It's exciting to be communicating more publicly about our work and to firsthand enjoy the tools we're building.

We plan on blogging regularly about topics related to Drutopia, post updates on the project and promote events on the site.

Drutopians at DrupalCon

It's DrupalCon weekend and we have Ben Melançon and Leslie Glynn of the leadership team out in Nashville. If you're also in Nashville come say hi, learn about the project and even contribute by attending these events:

Drutopia Birds of a Feather, Thursday 1pm CST

The Drutopia BoF (birds of a feather informal session for people with a common interest) will be held in the same exhibition hall in which lunch is served, off to the left when in the vendor booth area facing the food area.

Contact Ben or Leslie for more info -

Drutopia Sprint, Friday 2-3pm CST

Join Ben and Leslie for a sprint on Drutopia. See current features and dive into the issue queue with Drutopia mentors. There are also rumors of guest appearances by video....

Location: Music City Center

Drutopia Base Alpha 5 Released

The latest release adds Related Content blocks to pages, a Storyline feature and a refactoring of our list pages.

Related Content

A common request is for a site to easily show readers other content of interest. To answer that need we built Drutopia Related Content, a module that adds a Related Content block to node pages. If there are other pages that share common terms with the page being viewed, they display in a block. Here's an example:

Screenshot of article with related content block.




Bulma, the open-source CSS framework Drutopia is built off of, has some nice extensions created by the broader community. One is a Timeline, which was the perfect fit for a Drutopia-based project we are working on.


An example timeline

We built this functionality into a Paragraph Type, called a Storyline, so that any page on a Drutopia site can have this feature.

A big thanks to Rosemary Mann for her work on the Related Content and Storyline features.


Big Improvements to Drupal Configuration Management

We strongly believe in the power of Drupal distributions, but building them comes with their own set of challenges, particularly in Drupal 8. Over the past few months, Drutopia member Nedjo Rogers  put significant work into a suite of contributed modules allowing developers to share configuration between sites.

Configuration Synchronizer 2.0

Websites built upon distributions oftentimes override the provided configuration in order to meet their unique needs. This, however, can lead to serious headaches when updating the site to a new version of the distribution. Config Sync helps with this by showing a comparison between a site's current configuration and the configuration waiting to be rolled in. A site administrator can use this to safely roll in specific changes while maintaining other customizations.

A big thanks to Nedjo Rogers for the work done on this and other configuration management modules that not only benefit Drutopia, but anyone in the Drupal world packaging and sharing configuration between sites. Also thank you to the National Institute for Children's Health Quality for their partial sponsorship of this work.


Hubs4Change ♥ Drutopia

We're very excited about the new group of developers who joined the Drutopia mix. Hubs4Change is a nonprofit based in Germany. Working with their team has already been a real joy. They are working on mapping functionality and a Drutopia theme, among other contributions to the project.

Expect more updates on H4C and their work in the near future.

Green Party Candidate Runs for Mayor on Drutopia-powered Site

Already we are beginning to see the impact that grassroots-oriented software can have on the world. Monika Stein, an independent, Green, leftist is running for Mayor of Freiburg. Her site was built by a campaign volunteer using Drutopia. See the site in action at

As always, if you'd like to get involved or want to learn more, join us for our next call (details at ) or say hello at

With libre software love,
The Drutopia Leadership Team


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