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Drutopia Update: Month One of a New Six-month Plan

November 7, 2018
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Back in September, the Drutopia leadership team held three sessions to work towards developing a six-month plan. Why was a six-month plan so needed? As a small but dedicated and tenacious team, we have been beavering away trying to accomplish myriad tasks that include not only developing the software but also developing a hosting platform, as well as founding a platform co-op for user members and a software co-op to coordinate the software. Quite clearly, it was too much for a small team.

Through some initial discussions, we came up with the idea that if we could all put our focus into one area for a month, we might see some real progress. Progress that would help us see the way forward to even larger goals. So we took time to focus both on what we’ve been doing well and where our challenges are. Then we brainstormed goals that we’d like to achieve in the next six months, aiming to focus on what could likely be achieved in that time frame. Next we broke those down into tasks and assigned out to team members.

So here we are one month in. Our focus for October was on the software and our major task was to get out a first beta release. That meant we had to work through our list of beta blockers which included finishing work on the complex configuration synchronization system that team member Nedjo Rogers has been focused on. It included making sure modules were in place in the distro to help facilitate groups’ compliance with EU privacy and data protection regulations. We also took care of some outstanding re-factoring that would be best done prior to moving to beta. And with our new focus, we got the beta release out on time on Halloween--which felt like a huge treat to those of us working on it. You can see what it looks like on our fresh demo site (also a successful October accomplishment) at

In October we also worked on documentation to help themers in their work, did some migration testing, and started in on Behat tests. All in all a productive and successful month. We’ll continue to work on the software, fixing bugs and continuing to tweak with the goal of a full, stable release by the end of March.

But now that it’s November we’re switching our focus. For November our focus is on the platform co-op. There’s a huge amount of work to do in this area, but we’re excited to be moving a step closer to realizing this goal of having groups start using Drutopia and being part of a co-op that they are members of and therefore have a voice in.

For November our primary tasks are to re-engage with co-op development organizations, draft a financial plan, develop a comprehensive guide for co-op members, finalize details of how contractors and shops will interact with the platform on behalf of clients and brainstorm elements of a marketing campaign. This will give us a good leg up as we move forward to meet our six-month goal in this area of having a number of groups using the software and feeling connected to it.

In December we’ll focus on the software co-op as well as do further work in planning out in a more detailed way the tasks for January to March.

By keeping our focus on the tasks that we have elevated to this period, we should be able to move forward solidly and with a sense of momentum that will help us achieve some of the milestones that have been to date elusive.

This also means that it’s an excellent (and exciting) time to join with us as we get closer to our vision of Drutopia as software, as a platform, as a platform co-op and as a software co-op. If you want to find out more, drop us a line.